Iron Galaxy artist Steven Kosanovich gives FIEA talk

On September 30, Iron Galaxy character artist Steven Kosanovich gave a speech called “Creativity and Capitalizing on Your Talent” at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orlando, Florida. In the talk, Steven spoke about how he got into art as a kid, his college experiences, and what it is like to work at Iron Galaxy […]

Sales, Sales, and More Sales!

Hey everyone! Iron Galaxy is having a bunch of sales on games this week and next week, so I wanted to round them all up for you to save you some time hunting for links. VIDEOBALL is on sale this week over on the PlayStation Store for $6.99. That’s 30% off! And if you’re a […]

Now is your chance to try out our new KI Mode, SHADOW LORDS!

Hey everyone! Are you a KI fan eager to try out the new Shadow Lords mode? Microsoft & IG have opened up the possibility for fans to try out the mode early by signing up here. Follow that link, provide some details and you might be one of the lucky fans selected to get early […]


The Weekly Galaxy: We want to hear from you!

Hey everyone! Hopefully by now you are aware that we started a new Twitch stream earlier this summer, The Weekly Galaxy. If not, now you know! The Weekly Galaxy is made up of developers (and the community manager) from Iron Galaxy, and we occasionally have guests from the studio on as well. So far we’ve […]

Press Roundup

Iron Galaxy’s new CEO Adam Boyes officially started at the company on Monday, August 8th. Welcome Adam! Adam, Dave Lang and Chelsea Blasko took a little trip out to California this week for a press tour where they talked about the company’s new  leadership, current games that the studio is working on and plans for […]

Iron Galaxy is FINALLY on Snapchat

If you pay attention to Iron Galaxy on Twitter — I don’t even know why I’m raising this hypothetical, of course you all do — you might have noticed that we started a Snapchat account this week. While the main goal of starting a Snapchat account is to share videos and photos from behind the […]

Adam Boyes joins Iron Galaxy

We had some big news at Iron Galaxy come out this week. As you may have heard, Adam Boyes, former VP of Third Party Relations at PlayStation, was hired to be the new CEO of Iron Galaxy. Longtime IG employee Chelsea Blasko was named Chief Product Officer. Dave Lang’s new title is Founder & C3PO. Congrats to […]

Join the VIDEOBALL community today!

Have you heard the good news? VIDEOBALL is out right now on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One for only $9.99. VIDEOBALL is a sport everyone can play. VIDEOBALL is the best sport. VIDEOBALL is the only real sport left. VIDEOBALL does have an arcade mode for solo play, but the game is best played with multiple […]