The Weekly Galaxy: We want to hear from you!

Hey everyone! Hopefully by now you are aware that we started a new Twitch stream earlier this summer, The Weekly Galaxy. If not, now you know! The Weekly Galaxy is made up of developers (and the community manager) from Iron Galaxy, and we occasionally have guests from the studio on as well. So far we’ve played games such as our very own Killer Instinct and VIDEOBALL, but we’ve also been playing other games, such as Gang Beasts and Shiren The Wanderer. We want to play a wide variety of games, and that’s where you come in!

What games would you like to see played on The Weekly Galaxy? Multiplayer games work best for the stream, but we’ll consider any suggestions you send our way. Please fill out this form and let us know what it is you’re looking to watch!

Iron Galaxy is FINALLY on Snapchat

If you pay attention to Iron Galaxy on Twitter — I don’t even know why I’m raising this image1hypothetical, of course you all do — you might have noticed that we started a Snapchat account this week. While the main goal of starting a Snapchat account is to share videos and photos from behind the scenes here at our Chicago studio, I have it set up to where anybody can send me a photo or video directly. I’ve seen some pretty great stuff so far, including this Killer Instinct tattoo sent to me by a fan in Albuquerque. If you have anything that you want me to see, feel free to Snapchat it on over to “iron.galaxy.” Who knows — maybe I’ll feature you on the blog. I also want to hold Snapchat giveaway contests, so get on there and give us a follow if that’s something that interests you.

Dave Lang was on JP McDaniel’s Twitch stream this week, discussing Killer Instinct, VIDEOBALL and our new CEO Adam Boyes. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out live, here is a link to the archived video.

In other news, we streamed our second episode of Weekly Galaxy this week over on our Twitch. Be sure to check out the archive here if you didn’t get to catch it live. On episode two, we streamed Gang Beasts for about two hours. It’s an incredible game and worth checking out. Early Access is available now.  What games do you think we should stream? Party games/indie games/lesser-known games are all great!


Adam Boyes joins Iron Galaxy

team1We had some big news at Iron Galaxy come out this week. As you may have heard, Adam Boyes, former VP of Third Party Relations at PlayStation, was hired to be the new CEO of Iron Galaxy. Longtime IG employee Chelsea Blasko was named Chief Product Officer. Dave Lang’s new title is Founder & C3PO. Congrats to Adam, Chelsea and Dave!

Earlier this week, after the news broke, Game Informer did a long interview with Adam, Dave and Chelsea. The interview fleshed out some of the ideas that the three have and gave readers more of a background on Adam and why he decided to join Iron Galaxy.

In other news this week, Iron Galaxy started up a new weekly Twitch show called the “Weekly Galaxy.” Ramon Franco (@Krazhier), Isaac Torres (@Delriach), Adam Heart (@TheKeits) and Tom Carbone (@DOPEITSTOM) will play games on the stream every Thursday night, and we will also have guests on from time to time. You can find the first episode here.

Special shout out to Grant Gibson, aka Tswagg, for creating this awesome intro for the show!